The Esterman Eye Institute offers an extensive variety of eye care services to the South Palm Beach community, including comprehensive eye exams and treatment, ophthalmic surgery, laser and procedures, and a full-service optical. Our eye center provides patients with a wide range of options to meet their eye care needs.

 Our Services:


Ophthalmology Services:

  • Comprehensive Eye care

  • Consultations/Second Opinions

  • Eye laser surgery & laser vision correction

  • Specialize in “no-stitch” cataract surgery & premium lens implants

  • Glaucoma care

  • Dry Eye therapy

  • Ocular allergy and treatment

  • Diabetic eye care

  • Macular degeneration/Retinal care

  • Eyelid surgery & cosmetic eyelid procedures

  • Aesthetics – Botox® & Fillers, Latisse®

Optical and Vision Services:

  • Prescription Eyeglasses/Sunglasses

  • Digital and High definition lenses/Bi-focals/Progressive lenses

  • Contact Lens—astigmatism (toric)/bifocals

  • Designer Eyewear




The ophthalmologists at Esterman Eye Institute are experienced in providing comprehensive eye examinations.


What to Expect at Your Eye Exam:

  • It may be necessary to dilate your eyes, although exams for eyeglass prescriptions alone do not require this step. If your eyes are dilated, you may experience some blurred vision and increased sensitivity to light for a few hours. We recommend that you bring sunglasses and, if possible, a driver who can assist you with transportation.

  • Bring any recent eyeglasses, contacts, and sunglasses.

  • Please bring a list of your prescription medications, including eye drops.

  • We will need your insurance cards and information.


If treatment includes prescription eyeglasses , our full-service optical can help. Whether it’s prescription glasses or contacts, we can offer the proper solution to your vision needs.



The eye care professionals at Esterman Eye Institute are highly trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of eye conditions and diseases. Our eye doctors treat each patient individually with a focus on specifically matching the patient’s eye care needs.

Using state-of-the-art technology and treatment, our team of eye care specialists will ensure that your eye concerns are addressed. Our goal is to provide superior service that not only improves your eyesight but also enhances your quality of life.



Our ophthalmologists at Esterman Eye Institute routinely perform office lasers, procedures and outpatient surgeries that included cataract surgery and eyelid surgery.

Please contact us today for more information



Ophthalmic lasers are used for many situations in ophthalmology, including the prevention or treatment of glaucoma, to help improve the vision after cataract surgery, and also to treat diabetic eye disease. At Esterman Eye Institute, our physicians regularly perform these laser procedures.



Our practice not only features fully licensed ophthalmologists but also qualified opticians and a fully -equipped designer optical shop. Conveniently and with confidence patients can have their prescription filled in our optical. Patients can choose from a wide selection of glasses and contacts. We guarantee our work and patient satisfaction.


Call or visit for more information about our selection of fine eye-wear, which includes:

  • Gucci

  • Silhouette

  • Fred

  • Armani

  • Boss

  • Fendi

  • Vera Wang

  • Maui Jim

  • And more!