At Esterman Eye Institute we diagnose and treat pteryigums. A pterygium is a wing-shaped growth that begins on the white part of the eye (also known as the conjunctiva) and can grow onto the cornea, eventually obstructing the pupil. While not cancerous, pterygiums can cause redness, irritation, and in some cases, astigmatism. The occurrence and growth of pterygiums are thought to occur mainly from UV exposure (i.e., sunlight) therefore it is important to always wear sunglasses and a hat while outdoors.

Most symptoms from pterygia can be treated with lubrication and medicated eye drops but in some cases surgery may be indicated. Surgery for pterygia has advanced in recent years with the result of more success and less recovery time.

Please consult with our ophthalmologists for more information.


Illustration of a healthy eye

Illustration of an eye with a pterygium

Photo of an eye with a pterygium