At Esterman Eye Institute we diagnose and treat macular degeneration. Macular degeneration affects one’s macula, a part of the retina that is responsible for central vision. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of severe to permanent vision loss among individuals over the age of 50 in the US.

Currently, the effects of AMD are incurable but early detection and treatment can help prevent severe vision loss from occurring. Our eye doctors are experienced in diagnosing macular degeneration and developing a specific treatment plan for each patient.

Ocular injections are the most common form of treatment for “wet” AMD, though not in “dry, macular degeneration. The eye care experts at Esterman Eye Institute can prescribe treatments that will help preserve vision and prevent further vision loss.



Healthy eye without macular degeneration

Eye with the dry form of macular degeneration