What to expect

Cataract surgery is an outpatient surgery performed in a surgery center. The surgery itself takes about 15 minutes, but be prepared to spend several hours at the surgery center in order to complete the full pre-operative and post-operative care involved.  Cataract surgery is performed on one eye at a time. The other eye can usually undergo surgery within 1-2 weeks of the first eye.

During surgery, adequate anesthesia is given in order to calm and relax the patient, however general anesthesia (being put fully “to sleep”) is generally not needed. This allows a much safer surgical experience and a faster recovery time.

After the surgery is completed, you may return home and resume almost all of your normal daily activities. We advise that you do not drive for the first twenty-four (24) hours due to the possible anesthesia effects.

For one month after the surgery, you will be prescribed an antibiotic drop and anti-inflammatory drops to use in order to facilitate the full healing process.

Post-operative visits are scheduled the day after surgery, one week after surgery and one month after the surgery.

As mentioned earlier, cataract surgery is generally very safe. However, as with all surgeries, even in the best of hands complications can occur, such as infection, bleeding, retinal detachment, temporary increase in eye pressure, swelling of the cornea or even loss of vision or the need for another surgery. Fortunately these complications are rare and occur in less than 1 percent of surgeries.  The success, safety and quick recovery time of cataract surgery have made it one of the most commonly performed surgeries in the United States!

For more information on cataracts and cataract surgery, schedule an appointment with one of our eye care specialists.